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A Ghost in the Making: Photographing the Rusty-patched Bumble Bee

Over the last 15 years the range of the Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee has shrunk by 87% and it has become one of the rarest bees in North America.

Africa’s Last Tropical Glaciers: Watch for Free

The film Snows of the Nile has won a major award, and to celebrate, it is being made available to watch for free!

February 2, 2014: Walking from Siberia to Australia, Prepping Putin’s $51 Billion Bash and More

This week, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they walk from Siberia to Australia, celebrate Putin’s $51 billion Olympic bash, get to the historic bottom of Groundhog Day, cycle 11,000 miles from Norway to South Africa, spend 200 days in a year deep inside of caves, dodge the bubonic plague in Madagascar, and search for the last of Africa’s glaciers.

BioBlitz 2013: What an Explorer Gets Excited About

Photographer and lizard expert Neil Losin sets the stage for this year’s BioBlitz, a 24-hour exploration of the wilderness outside of New Orleans.

Inside Look at “Giant Boa Eats Iguana” Video

Recently, our video editors here at NG came across some footage that was flagged for viewing. Submitted by National Geographic Explorer and capuchin monkey specialist Susan Perry, we expected the video to be of monkeys doing something intriguing or goofy. We were completely wrong. Susan, a UCLA professor currently based in Bagaces, Costa Rica studying the…

Revealing the Lizards of Lumpy Ridge

A colorful mystery critter from this year’s BioBlitz gets identified and shown off in all its cold-blooded glory.

“The Symbol” Part 4: Our Lizard Saga Comes to an End

At the end of their Spanish lizard-photographing expedition Neil Losin and Nate Dappen stumble on lizards of such a variety of color that it blows the biologists’ minds.

“The Symbol” Part 3: Island of Mystery

In the Spanish Mediterranean islands of Ibiza and Formentera to create a book about the endemic Ibiza Wall Lizard, Neil Losin and Nate Dappan get the rare opportunity to summit a legendary island two miles off shore.

“The Symbol” Part 2: Photographing Lizards in Paradise

National Geographic Young Explorer Neil Losin continues his research and adventures in and around Formentera, Spain, to reveal the secrets of life as a local lizard.

“The Symbol” – Photographing the Ibiza Wall Lizard

As a biologist, I love surprises. And after the first week of our month-long photographic expedition to the Mediterranean islands of Ibiza and Formentera, it seems like there are biological surprises around every corner. Dr. Nate Dappen, an evolutionary biologist from the University of Miami, has spent the past three summers on Ibiza and Formentera…

A Rainbow of Lizards in the Mediterranean

The spectacular Pityusic Archipelago lies 50 miles east of Valencia in the Spanish Mediterranean. Most people know Ibiza, the largest island in the archipelago, for its spectacular beaches, crystal-clear waters, and world-famous nightlife. But as anyone who has visited Ibiza will tell you, the island’s official symbol is one you’d never expect – a lizard!…

NG Young Explorer Wins Video Competition

NG Young Explorer and NewsWatch blogger Neil Losin has just won a video contest from WWF, with a short film built around the theme of “Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection.” Watch the film and learn more about Neil and the contest.

Meet NG Young Explorers

While famous figures continue to make discoveries and lead thrilling expeditions, a new group of National Geographic Young Explorers are laying the foundations for the future. If you’re in D.C., join us at Headquarters this Friday to meet Shannon Switzer, Neil Losin, and Emily Ainsworth.

Video From the Field: Anolemageddon!

NG Young Explorer Neil Losin reveals the method behind the madness of his latest experiment catching tiny lizards called anoles in the wilds of urban Florida.