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Bear Cub Mystery in NYC: Explaining Recent Black Bear News

A mysterious black bear cub found dead in New York City’s Central Park this week could not have gotten there on its own, expert says.

Spadefoot Toad and Other Weird State Symbols

Louisiana’s official crustacean? Crayfish. New Mexico’s honored amphibian? The spadefoot toad. See what other states have quirky symbols to show their pride.

Labeling & Local Seafood

By Sean Dixon, Co-Founder, Village Fishmonger NYC Recently highlighted in a great Ocean Views post by Brian Howard, an Atlantic article, and the New York Times, a report by ocean advocacy organization Oceana once again exposed a fatal flaw in the U.S.’s seafood economy: mislabeling. Labels In the world of seafood, mislabeling generally means one…

Community Supported Fisheries Can Jump-start Coastal Economy After Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, local food networks, including local fisheries, need your help.  Last week, we spread the word about funding disaster relief efforts for fisheries and fishery-related businesses. Now, with more news from the coastal zone trickling out, there’s more that consumers can do. Shellfish Village Fishmonger NYC works with fishermen in…

Fishermen Look to Recovery After Hurricane Sandy

Over the past few days, Hurricane Sandy barreled through the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, making landfall late Monday night in New Jersey.  Thoughts and well-wishes have been flowing in from all over the world – with millions in the dark and no way to travel, the NY-NJ region (the most densely populated stretch of U.S. coastline) is…

Cultural Revival in Europe’s Only Buddhist Region

The Enduring Voices Project strives to preserve endangered languages by identifying language hotspots—the places on our planet with the most unique, poorly understood, or threatened indigenous languages—and documenting the languages and cultures within them. By K. David Harrison of the Enduring Voices Project During the past week the Enduring Voices team visited the Republic of…