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Milky Way Mysteries Mapped

  Ever look up and wonder how many stars are out there in the night sky, and where did all these stars come from? Now astronomers have actually counted every single twinkling star visible from the night skies of Earth—and the number is astounding. Using the giant 8.2-foot (2.5-meter) glass eye of the Isaac Newton…

4 Sky Events This Week: Cosmic Dumbbell and Lunar Lineup

Moonless nights bring deep sky delights for skywatchers this week.

Watch What Could Be This Summer’s Best Meteor Shower

A July meteor shower promises a chance to catch a shooting star.

4 Sky Events This Week: Saturn Stands While Meteors Fly

Saturn, the true “Lord of the Rings,” dominates the evening sky this week, while the summer’s first meteor shower gets under way. Saturn at full stop. On Monday, July 21, the ringed world will appear at a standstill in the sky, relative to the background stars in the zodiacal constellation Libra, the Scales. Astronomers call this…

4 Sky Events This Week: Ice Giants and Deep Sky Jewels

The moon dances with the outer planets this week for sky-gazers.

4 Sky Events This Week: Ringed Jewel and Cat’s Eye Sparkle

A Cat’s Eye stares back at skywatchers in this week’s star gazing showcase.

Watch Historic Meeting of Two Monster Asteroids in the Sky This Weekend

Ceres and Vesta—two of the biggest and brightest asteroids in the solar system—offer sky-watchers a record-breaking rendezvous as a treat over the holiday weekend. Not since their discovery more than 200 years ago has anyone observed these two giants of the main asteroid belt pair up so closely in the heavens. Since spring, keen-eyed sky-watchers…

Soccer Mania Stretches From Brazil to Mercury?

Worldwide celebration of the “beautiful game” may have spilled across the solar system to Mercury, according to NASA. The space agency’s MESSENGER spacecraft has spotted what appears to be a giant soccer ball on the scorched surface of the planet closest to the sun. While it may have the familiar pattern of a football, it…

Top Night Sky Photo Winners for 2014

Award winning astronomy photos sparkled this week.

Guide to Watching Aquarids Meteor Shower Tonight

Get set, skywatchers, for bits of Halley’s Comet to come raining down! If you have clear skies tonight, Monday, into the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday, May 6, keep your eyes on the sky for a minor meteor shower with a famous pedigree. Known as the Eta Aquarids, this annual shooting-star show will peak in the early morning…

4 Sky Events This Week: Venus at Dawn and Gemini’s Double Jewel Box

A crescent moon snuggles up to the innermost planets this week, while sky-watchers will also see mythical twins reveal two stellar wonders. Zodiacal lights. With the moon out of the early evening sky this week, ideal sky conditions prevail for hunting down the elusive zodiacal lights. This ethereal glow across the sky is caused by sunlight…

6 Sky Events This Week: Leo’s Heart and Goddess of Love

Just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the silvery moon guides sky-watchers to a stellar heart, just as the goddess of love shines at her brightest this week. Moon joins Jupiter. Check out the king of planets after nightfall on Monday, February 10, as Jupiter pairs up with the waxing, gibbous moon in the southeastern…

5 Sky Events This Week: Winged Equine, Jovian Shadows, and Seven Sisters

The game’s afoot! A cosmic menagerie offers sky-watchers an exciting chase this week, with everything from a mythical steed to a red bull’s eye. Moon and Pegasus. After nightfall on Monday, February 3, folks in the Northern Hemisphere can look for the Great Square of Pegasus. Appearing tipped on one corner, the distinct four-sided pattern represents…

Stunning Time-Lapse: Starry Wonders of the Canadian Rockies

When it comes to soaking in the stars, nothing beats a dark sky far away from the bright, blinding city lights. Astrophotographer Jack Fusco escaped the light pollution that surrounds most of us to create his latest stargazing time-lapse film. Shot under the canopy of stars as seen from Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada,…

Star trails from 47˚S, 72˚W

The night sky in Patagonia is breathtaking — there is no light pollution, and on a clear night with a new moon the sky flickers with stars. Long exposure photographs show us how the Earth spins relative to the stars.