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How a Mysterious Tick Ended Up in a Scientist’s Nose

Forgive Tony Goldberg for picking his nose—he’s discovered a mysterious species of tick that usually hides in primate nostrils in Africa.

Liar, Liar, Nose on Fire!

New research from the University of Granada’s Department of Experimental Psychology makes it as plain as the nose on your face: When people lie, their noses get hotter. Nicknamed the “Pinocchio effect,” the phenomenon was observed during a study that applied thermography to psychology to see what the body’s temperature could reveal about the mind.…

Got Aliens in Your Nose?

This week the Royal Society in London is holding a two day meet-up for scientists to talk about the state of our search for extraterrestrial life. At a lecture today, astrobiologist Paul Davies of Arizona State University told the crowd that he thinks aliens already walk among us. Well, maybe not walk—more like float, or…

Will the Phoenix Rise Again?

Late last night the Mars Phoenix Lander put itself to sleep after experiencing a malfunction brought on by its deteriorating power supply. The craft also unexpectedly switched over to its backup electronics and shut off one of its batteries. The news was surely a disappointment, but not entirely a surprise, for NASA engineers, who had…