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Give Back to the Ocean on #GivingTuesday

National Geographic welcomes Giving Tuesday and its powerful message about the importance of giving back. Help give the next generation a better planet by supporting our mission today. Your donation will support society-wide initiatives like the Ocean Initiative, National Geographic’s ocean program to help identify and support individuals and organizations that are using creative and entrepreneurial approaches to marine conservation.

You Can Have Your Fish and Eat Them Too

We have taken too many fish out of the sea, faster than they can reproduce. We will run out of fish – and the livelihoods they support – unless we do something. Fortunately, there is something we can do, now, with proven results. Watch Mel, a ‘very weird’ fish who will show you how we can have our fish and eat them too.

Keeping Fishermen on the Line

As the US presidential election cycle heats up, I’m always fascinated and a bit frustrated by how complex issues needing real solutions get dumbed down into slogans. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given the success of twitter. People love simplistic one-liner solutions. Curiously, in the world of tuna there is a long history of…