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The Underwater Robot Anyone Can Afford

When we first heard about Open ROV, it was seemingly another interesting, albeit typical, Kickstarter campaign: two young Californians with the idea to create a submersible robot- a project every robotics nerd has toyed with at least once. But the full implication of the bot became clear when Eric and David, Open ROV’s co-founders, presented…

Searching For Sunken Treasure, Discovering a DIY Community

When James Cameron plunged to the bottom of the Marina Trench in his sleek, $8 million submarine, it heralded a new age of underwater exploration. But the deep sea isn’t the only aquatic frontier left to explore. Around the world, there are countless undersea caves, flooded mine shafts and other underwater tight spots that have remained off limits to divers because they’re too narrow or dangerous to navigate. And happily, the right craft for the job probably isn’t a multi-million-dollar submersible, but something so accessible you can make it yourself.