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Searching for Sustainabile Clothing in India

Andrew Flachs researches the trials of Indian farmers and their rush toward modern farming practices, such as GMO crops and new pesticides. With time to reflect on his journey, he explains why these farmers do what they do, and why the question of how to approach farming is a complex one.

Risk and Reward for Organic and GM Farmers: A Tale of Two Villages

Here in India, sometimes it’s not the farm, but the forces behind it that make all the difference.

Uganda’s Household Farmers Become Organic Exporters

The market for organic food and drink is estimated at U.S.$50 billion and growing by IFOAM, the global organization of organic trade. While much of that product demand originates in wealthy developed nations, it creates opportunity for developing countries like Uganda to build a sustainable export business that protects natural resources while boosting the economy through the creation of long-term green jobs.