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Hand-Carved Traditional Dugout Canoes Take to the Water Again

Every summer, members of U.S. Tribes and Canadian First Nations make their way through the Salish Sea near Seattle in handmade dugout canoes made from giant cedars or fir trees—up to 40 feet in length and often weighing well over a ton.

Whales Surprise Baja Paddlers

The sudden appearance of two ocean giants didn’t phase grantee Justin DeShields: “I’m just like high off the experience of ‘oh my god there’s humpbacks just hanging out with us.'”

Rafting the Free-flowing White Salmon River a Year After Condit Dam Fell

  It started with a blast last fall – 700 pounds of dynamite ripping through the base of the White Salmon River’s Condit Dam in western Washington State. Since then, crews have been dismantling the 125-foot tall concrete structure in a major effort to restore the river and its historic salmon and steelhead runs. Last…