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Wildlife Trafficking: Beyond Elephants and Ivory

By Susan Lieberman

In the wildlife trafficking policy debate in the U.S., the majority of attention to date has been on elephant ivory and rhino horn from Africa. However, elephants and rhinos are not the only species threatened by illegal international trade. Numerous other species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and others are also subject to trafficking, and they too need increased attention and political and financial support. In testimony I submitted to a meeting of the President’s Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking, I detailed some of the species whose illegal trade is under the radar, but still are suffering the effects of wildlife trafficking.

5 of Nature’s Weirdest Tongues

Miley’s tongue has nothing on the animal world when it comes to waggle and weirdness. Get a taste of nature’s coolest tongues.

Pangolins Roll into the Wildlife Trafficking Spotlight

An unexpected newcomer has joined the world’s most iconic species — the elephant, rhino, and tiger — under the international wildlife trafficking crisis spotlight: Meet the pangolin. Pangolins are unmistakable in appearance — they are covered with scales comprised of keratin, and indeed, petting a pangolin feels like stroking a layer of warm thumbnails. There…

African Pangolins in Chinese Soup Bowls

Reports from the wildlife trade monitoring organization Traffic, African media outlets, and scholarly researchers point to well-developed trade in pangolins from African source countries to China.

China seizes thousands of dead pangolins from smugglers

Ten tons of frozen pangolin carcasses and pangolin scales were seized from a fishing vessel after it was stopped for inspection by Chinese customs offcers at Zhuhai’s Gaolan Island, the wildlife trade monitoring network, TRAFFIC, said today. Like previous major pangolin smuggling incidents, the descaled pangolins were frozen before transportation. © EW/TRAFFIC International trade in…

Asian Pangolins Being Consumed to Extinction

Rising demand for pangolins, mostly from mainland China, compounded by lax laws is wiping out the unique toothless anteaters from their native habitats in Southeast Asia, TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, said today. Undercover photo courtesy TRAFFIC “Illegal trade in Asian pangolin meat and scales has caused the scaly anteaters to disappear from large…