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Patagonian Corals Expedition 2013: Rainforests of the Ocean

Rhian Waller reflects on the past few weeks on expedition, and talks about why corals are so important for health on this planet.

Patagonian Corals Expedition 2013: A Day in the “Office”

Getting close to the end of the expedition, Rhian Waller takes you on a tour of what a day in the life is like while on expedition.

Patagonian Corals Expedition 2013: Peering Into the Darkness

Rhian Waller leads an expedition to explore coral ecology in the Patagonian fjords: The rain keeps coming, but luck is on our side when looking for data collecting devices left over a year ago- in near zero visibility!

Patagonian Corals Expedition 2013: When It Rains, It Pours

Marine field expeditions rarely run smoothly, and this one is no exception. Read about an ‘eventful’ first day of diving during the Patagonian Corals expedition!

Patagonian Corals Expedition 2013: Getting Ready to Go South!

Dr. Rhian Waller and Dr. Laura Grange prepare to head out to the Chilean Patagonian fjords to explore the region for new coral locations – follow along on the expedition!