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Healing the Wounds of War between Bangladesh and Pakistan

The flight from Karachi to Dhaka spans the heartland of South Asia and gives travelers an appreciation for the complexity of The Great Partition. So many linguistic and ethnic divides had to be traversed to formulate national identities for countries that now exist in the area. Nearly a fourth of the world’s population resides here.…

International NGO SOS Children’s Village celebrates 10 years of teaching life skills through football in Toamasina

The Japanese football players from Peace Boat were in a boisterous mood as their minibus convoy rolled through streets of Toamasina on Sunday. Chants echoed off the Mercedes’ aluminum roof, camera shutters clicked, and shirtsleeves flapped at open windows. With Peace Boat docked in Madagascar’s second city, participants in the ship’s Peace Ball programme visited…

Why the World Cup Is About More Than Soccer

Explorer and peacemaker Aziz Abu Sarah finds the intense passions at soccer’s greatest tournament unite people from all countries and cultures for love of the game.

Revolutionary Appeal & Reminders From Decades of War

Who was Nino Konis Santana?

Explorer’s Analysis: Inside Key Issues of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are back at the table for their first peace talks in years, to be mediated by United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry. Israeli settlement expansion in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem halted attempts at peace talks in 2010, and continued expansion as well as the handling of existing…

First Person: How This Palestinian Made Friends With Israelis

Aziz Abu Sarah grew up throwing stones at Israelis. Then he took a class with them.

UN Secretary General Highlights Explorer’s Peace Work

NG Explorer Aziz Abu Sarah responds to having his peace efforts highlighted by Ban Ki Moon at the UN Alliance of Civilizations Conference.

A Pragmatic Way to Resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  Six years ago, I received an invitation to participate in an event on peace-building in the Middle East at the University of California, Los Angeles. The seminar had been organized by a local lawyer, Josef Avesar, along with academics at UCLA to find a novel way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The idea was…

Conservation Beyond Borders: Balkans 2011 Academic Expedition

In June 2011, a group of seven American students trekked into the mountains following the ancient trading trail between Thethi, Albania via the high mountain pass of Qaf Pejas, and down into Vusanje/Vuthaj, Montenegro. In the process they experienced traditional culture, saw the benefits of cross-border cooperation, and explored the many ecological issues facing the region. See photos and hear their story.

Jane Goodall Celebrates International Day of Peace

Jane Goodall realized early on that we won’t be able to take care of animals and the environment until we’re able to take care of each other. In that spirit, the Jane Goodall Institute is asking us all to make a pledge to cultivate peace in our daily lives throughout the year.

Continuing Peace Effort Is Best Response to Mumbai Tragedy

Even as tragedy struck in Mumbai last week, progress towards peace was being made at a meeting of the “Young Global Leaders.” Emerging Explorer Saleem Ali discusses the heartbreak and the encouragement.