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Giant Gob of Earwax Reveals Blue Whale Secrets

Must’ve been a giant Q-tip: Scientists have harvested earwax from a blue whale to learn more about its biology, a new study says.

New Concerns About Plastic Pollution in Great Lakes ‘Garbage Patch’

Until recently, my concept of a ‘garbage patch’ was of an area of ocean with large pieces of floating debris, the kind of stray fishing gear and trash from ships and shorelines that collect where currents form eddies far from view of most people. Having seen my share of sea trash in 20,000+ miles of…

Beluga Whales are beautiful, yet toxic?

Without Beluga whales, these angels of the Arctic Ocean, the world will surly be a lesser place, and because of Persistent Organic Pollutants they are considered toxic waste in some locations in Canada.