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Yale F&ES 30th Annual Doctoral Student Research Conference

October 4, 2013. Yale University – Peter Kareiva, Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy was the keynote speaker at the Yale F&ES 30th Annual Doctoral Student Research Conference. His talk entitled, “Conservation that can make a difference: Choosing Gifford Pinchot over Grizzly Adams” took place at Kroon Hall. Kareiva, named in 2011 a member of…

Rescaling Civilization: TNC Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva

The following is a guest post from Matt Miller, a writer for The Nature Conservancy. It originally appeared on Cool Green Science. This week, the journal Nature published a paper by Conservancy lead scientist Peter Kareiva, Paul Ehrlich, and Gretchen Daily titled Securing Natural Capital and Expanding Equity to Rescale Civilization. In it, the authors…