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NPS Centennial: Celebrating Conservation Worldwide

As we celebrate the centennial anniversary of the National Parks Service and look at the effect that protected lands and parks around the world have had on those who visit them, we see that protected lands are far more valuable than simply providing a place for a camping trip. The protected lands around the world enable people to wonder, to study, and to share their experiences with others through conservation and inspiration, though they may be a world apart.

World Oceans Day Celebrated in Compelling Photos

From the vastness of the world’s oceans, the mystery of underwater ecosystems to humankind’s reliance on marine processes, the ocean is a wonderfully strange, altogether necessary part of our world. It is on World Oceans Day that we reflect on all of the benefits, mysteries, and wonders of the ocean.

5 Sky Events This Week: Red Planet, Lord of the Rings, and Space Mountain

The bright moon moves into late-night skies this week, offering backyard observers some early-evening opportunities to hunt down celestial sights ranging from a fading supernova to a giant asteroid. Last-chance supernova. For Monday, February 17, and the rest of the week, the exploding star SN 2014J will be visible in darker skies in the early evening, thanks to the…

Guests Across The Globe: Six Months of 2013 NG Weekend Interviews

We’re halfway through the year and what better way to map our progress than to, well, map the many guests we’ve had on National Geographic Weekend since the ball dropped back in January?

Beyond Art: Simple Business Mysteries for Freelancers

    While he was studying at the Harvard University, Divya Narendra co-founded of The Harvard Connection.  You may know about it, as it became a popular conversation topic after David Fincher directed The Social Network movie in 2010. In 2008, Divya created SumZero, a living source for aggregated investment fund research. A couple of weeks…

National Geographic Photographers Suffer for Their Art and the Planet

“Yes we show the problems, but there is more to the world than that,” Joel Sartore told a rapt audience at the Aspen Environment Forum in late June, as he showed his stunning photos of both environmental harm and majestic beauty. Sartore, a long-time nature photographer, has produced more than 30 stories for National Geographic,…

Joel Sartore Takes Spectacular Photos to Aspen

One of the best wildlife photographers working today, Joel Sartore has inspired millions with his intimate, colorful images of wildlife from around the world. Sartore will be sharing his photos with an audience next month at the Aspen Environment Forum in Colorado (June 22-25, tickets still available). In addition to shooting eye-catching covers for National Geographic,…

Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #2

Advances in digital photography have given us the opportunity to capture the beauty and freedom of birds in the wild like never before. In January 2011, the Wild Bird Trust set up a Facebook page with the intention of celebrating free flight and birds in the wild from around the world. Here are the “Top 25 Wild…