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World Oceans Day Celebrated in Compelling Photos

From the vastness of the world’s oceans, the mystery of underwater ecosystems to humankind’s reliance on marine processes, the ocean is a wonderfully strange, altogether necessary part of our world. It is on World Oceans Day that we reflect on all of the benefits, mysteries, and wonders of the ocean.

Top 10 Photos of a Year in America’s Serengeti

These images remind me of the different lenses through which we experience the outdoors and how even long term progress can be captured in a split second.

Top 20 Photos of 2013 from American Prairie Reserve

Looking back over a year’s worth of photos, the prairie weaves an ever-changing tale of drama, peace, microscopic detail, magnitude, and resilience. The seasons become less defined, and the decade I’ve spent helping build American Prairie Reserve blends in a single, long journey. As you scroll through our snapshots from the field, I hope you get…

Photos: London’s Top Sights and Inner Character

As National Geographic’s Change Reaction projects travels through the UK this month, take a look at some of the best candid photos from the road.

Adorable Pygmy Chameleon Captured in Stunning Photos

See pictures of a rare pygmy chameleon spotted recently in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.

The 10 Big Rules of Photography. Or so I think …

Recently, while I was recording my video “Rain,” I suffered a heavy fall in the jungle. I had slipped on a bridge “slightly” slippery due to the rain, and the moss. The fall, combined with long periods of contemplation, an orthopedic collar injury, and various sedatives, I decided to develop a compendium of rules; that…

Memories intertwined: Revisiting David Alan Harvey´s Trinidad (Cuba)

For those of you who have been readers of National Geographic for years now, you may remember a beautiful and visually captivating article on Trinidad, Cuba, with images by David Alan Harvey, published 14 years ago. In one of the photographs, Rosa Orbea was combing the hair of her niece, Annalien Santander Orbea. Annalien was…

Penguin Photo Takes the Prize

There are some National Geographic photographers whose work never fails to dazzle even the most jaded eye. One of them is Paul Nicklen, just named 2012 Wildlife Photographer of the Year…

Photographer Brian Skerry Earns Emerald Award in Australia

  Over a 30-year career, photographer Brian Skerry has produced mesmerizing images of the ocean that have inspired millions. Now, Skerry is being awarded the second annual Emerald Award by Australia’s SIMS Foundation, which supports the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. Skerry has shot for National Geographic magazine since 1989, and he has logged more…

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Top Sunset & Cloud Photos

Many nights on the Pitcairn Islands expedition you’d find the team watching the sunset. Amid the oos and ahhs you’d hear numerous cameras clicking away as various team members tried to capture brief moments in the ever-changing show.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: South Pacific Textures

Even when you’re focused on exploring the underwater world, there are stunning sights and inspiring views to be found above the waves as well.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: Strange and Beautiful Algae

From feeding fish to building up coral reefs, see why humble algae are actually the unsung heroes of the undersea world.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: A World in One Coral

Diving at Henderson it is so easy to be fascinated by the sharks and other large fishes, that we risk missing entire little universes. As these photos show though, no matter what scale we view things at, Henderson reefs are full of life.

Top Fish Photos From Pitcairn Island

See just-taken photos of the top fish found around the remote Pitcairn Island by NG Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala as he and his team work to discover just how healthy these faraway waters are.

Conservation Beyond Borders: Balkans 2011 Academic Expedition

In June 2011, a group of seven American students trekked into the mountains following the ancient trading trail between Thethi, Albania via the high mountain pass of Qaf Pejas, and down into Vusanje/Vuthaj, Montenegro. In the process they experienced traditional culture, saw the benefits of cross-border cooperation, and explored the many ecological issues facing the region. See photos and hear their story.