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Climate, Oceans, the United Nations, and What’s Next

For many of us jaded New Yorkers, the United Nations is merely a reason that traffic is periodically terrible on the Upper East Side, when world leaders gather. Perhaps now, after the US Administration has announced it will take steps to pull the United States out of the UN’s Paris Agreement on climate change, we…

“Sea Snot” Explosions Feed Deep-Sea Creatures

A mix of dead animals and their feces that float down to the seafloor help keep deep-sea organisms alive, a new study says.

New Expedition Explores Fate of Antarctica’s Ross Sea

In a matter of days I will join a research cruise in perhaps the most remote body of water on the planet, the Ross Sea off Antarctica. In this icy place, life thrives. Penguin colonies stretch as far as the eye can see. Seals, whales, and flying seabirds abound. For more than 150 years, the…