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Surprising Animals That Sport Mustaches

Jumping spiders, emperor tamarins, and walruses are among nature’s creatures that sport staches.

Exclusive Video: World’s Biggest Pig Revealed

Meet the giant forest hog, which at 600 pounds (275 kilograms) brings home the record-setting bacon as the world’s biggest pig.

If the Shoe Fits: Animals That Wear Boots

From penguins sporting shoes to an elephant with a prosthetic foot, check out animals that strut their stuff in booties.

Factory Farming Is Not the Best We Have to Offer

Our food system is in desperate need of reform; people, animals and the Earth are suffering, says Gene Baur, an advocate for raising awareness about the negative consequences of industrialized factory farming . “Thankfully, we are beginning to pay attention. Many citizens are demanding more transparency around how food, and especially animal products, are produced. We are no longer comfortable accepting how agribusiness keeps animals who are raised for food hidden from us,” he says in this guest post.

Dung-absorbing Plant Could Be Ideal Source of Ethanol, Study Suggests

  A tiny aquatic plant that can be used to clean up animal waste at industrial hog farms also has potential to help alleviate the world’s energy crisis, according to Researchers at North Carolina State University Experiments show that growing duckweed on hog wastewater can produce five to six times more starch per acre than…