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Protecting Our Fortress in the Sky

Standing on the shoulders of giants, Dylan Jones climbs mountains to study the tiny pika—its physical size dwarfed by the scale of its climatological importance. With the implications of climate change becoming more drastic, our mountain fortresses are no longer impenetrable.

Climbing and Cycling Through the Colorado Rockies for Conservation

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Gregg Treinish founded Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, a nonprofit organization connecting outdoor adventurers with scientists in need of data from the field. He also organizes his own expeditions, contributing to research on wildlife-human interaction, fragmented habitats, and threatened species. —- Every day at Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation we are making…

“Conservation Dependent” Lagomorph Species in the USA and Abroad

Ten years ago this coming Easter, one of the world’s foremost experts on rabbits was asked to comment for National Geographic News on the conservation status of these small mammals and related taxa—species comprising the order Lagomorpha (i.e., rabbits, hares and pika).  Back in 2003, Dr. Andrew Smith a biology professor and a Distinguished Sustainability…