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Engineer Builds Drone From Scratch, Destroys It on First Day

Today it’s easy to buy a drone that is flyable right off the shelf and start shooting aerial footage. Just three years ago, that wasn’t the case. National Geographic’s Alan Turchik built a custom drone from scratch to take on his first major expedition to the legendary Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific…and things went badly.

Pitcairn Islands Become World’s Largest Single Marine Reserve

Relive the adventures and stunning photos of the expedition behind the announcement of the world’s largest contiguous marine protected area.

Pitcairn: The Real Bounty Revealed

NG Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala heads to London to support the inhabitants of Pitcairn Island in their quest to protect the abundant marine life surrounding their famously remote home.

Mike Fay’s Complete Pitcairn Islands Journal

Experience a journey to some of Earth’s most remote and storied islands in Mike Fay’s daily journal entries from his recent month-long expedition in the South Pacific.

Anniversary of Mutiny on the “Bounty”: Pitcairn Island Photos

223 years ago this weekend, Fletcher Christian led the infamous mutiny on the “Bounty.” They then settled on the remote and beautiful Pitcairn Island. See what life is like for their descendants who still live there today.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Top Sunset & Cloud Photos

Many nights on the Pitcairn Islands expedition you’d find the team watching the sunset. Amid the oos and ahhs you’d hear numerous cameras clicking away as various team members tried to capture brief moments in the ever-changing show.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: South Pacific Textures

Even when you’re focused on exploring the underwater world, there are stunning sights and inspiring views to be found above the waves as well.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: What We Found

After three weeks of diving and exploration, discover what we discovered in these remote and beautiful islands and atolls.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Ancient Navigators and the Modern World

Traveling for a month around the South Pacific can really open your eyes to the wonders and normalcy of the accomplishments of the ancient Polynesian navigators.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: Strange and Beautiful Algae

From feeding fish to building up coral reefs, see why humble algae are actually the unsung heroes of the undersea world.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: A Timely Retreat

There is silence on the “Claymore II” except for the deep noise of the engine, the wind and the rain, and the rolling waves crashing on the side of the ship. Foul weather has called an end to our expedition a day early.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Escape From Oeno Lagoon

After rough weather and not seeing a lot of fish we headed out of the lagoon against the oncoming waves, zigzagging at high speed while trying to miss the shallow rocks and corals, and trying not to capsize.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Bizarre Fish Face Photo

Some fish, with their delicate features and calm poised attitudes, always appear ready for their close-ups. Others, like this teetering triggerfish, look like you’ve just snapped a Polaroid of them in the middle of wild weekend in Las Vegas.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Oeno, the Kingdom of the Groupers

After three islands full of sharks, we were surprised by our first dives at Oeno, where the huge, colorful grouper seems to be king of the seas.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Nearly 90 Species Found on One Dive

Expedition team member Alan Friedlander describes the scientists’ most recent dive, saying “With over 6,000 hours underwater, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”