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Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Remnants of a Lost Civilization

Long before the arrival of the “Bounty” mutineers, this remote island was home to generations of Polynesian navigators and traders. Discover what hints still remain of this fascinating culture.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: A World in One Coral

Diving at Henderson it is so easy to be fascinated by the sharks and other large fishes, that we risk missing entire little universes. As these photos show though, no matter what scale we view things at, Henderson reefs are full of life.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Account of a Typical Morning

Herein a reader will find an account of a typical morning in the life of the Pitcairn Islands Expedition Team, on board the Claymore II, owned and manned by a crew of colorful New Zealanders.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Arriving at Henderson Island

We arrived at Henderson Island at dawn. It was like the typical view that people in office buildings have on their walls, to inspire dreams about where they’d rather be.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Getting to Know the Henderson Sharks

This morning we arrived at Henderson Island, where in 1820 three survivors of the wreck of the whaling ship Essex lived for more than 4 months after their ship was sunk by a bull sperm whale, and while their companions made a horrific journey through storm, starvation, death, and cannibalism until finding rescue in the waters off South America.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Arrival on Henderson Island

With the thickness of the vegetation, the intact nature of the forest, its relative richness, the complexity of substrate, difficulty of travel, and lack of frequentation in this place you would be finding new and amazing species of plants for decades to come. I was ready to devour every detail I could of Henderson.

Facebook Live Special Event: Your Questions for a Deep Sea Explorer

In an unprecedented FB Live Event, Ocean Explorer, Enric Sala will be calling in for an interview via satelitte phone from the remote Pitcairn Islands. Join us for a live conversation on the National Geographic Facebook page Wednesday, March 28 at 2:30pm ET (7:30pm UTC). Post your questions there or in the comments section of this blog post. Then tune in for the live interview and post more questions as the conversation develops.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Revealing an Underwater Paradise

The coral reefs of Ducie Atoll are some of the last tropical marine paradises, memories of what the ocean was like before extensive human impacts.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Sharks and Coral at Ducie Atoll

After 5 days at Pitcairn Island we sailed to Ducie Atoll, one of the least visited places in the ocean, uninhabited, and as far as we know, unfished.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Counting Trash and Pondering Petrels

Today, after a rained-out attempt at filming the sunrise, we took to the beach to survey the trash that was strewn all about this uninhabited island. Then the mystery of the dead petrels thickened.

Top Fish Photos From Pitcairn Island

See just-taken photos of the top fish found around the remote Pitcairn Island by NG Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala as he and his team work to discover just how healthy these faraway waters are.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Dead Birds, Dead Trees, and Sticky Fruits

We had a big assignment today, to census all the petrels in the forest and try to figure out what species they are. It is kind of like Christmas when you do your first transect in a new place: you don’t know what you are going to find.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: First Exploration of Ducie

Last night the boat’s engines went silent around 3 am. I got up at 6:30 and could already see this most southern of all atolls on Earth low on the ocean. A few petrels and masked boobies showed to greet us. Today would be exploration day.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Hard Rains Lead to Underwater Discovery

Beyond the island’s halo of muck caused by four days of relentless rains, we found clearer deeper waters and an unexpected coral reef, teeming with fish.

Pitcairn Islands Expedition: Rock Climbing for Rock Art

The trail we followed to the see ancient Polynesian rock art at a place called “Down Rope” was one of the steepest, scariest stretches of trail I’ve ever been on, and totally worth it.