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Camera Trap Top 10

Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation works with lots of camera traps. They stay immobile, day and night, recording at the slightest hint of movement. Of the hundreds of one-minute camera trap videos we’ve collected, here are some of our favorite moments.

Flesh-Eaters: 5 Cannibalistic Animals

From sharks to prairie dogs to spiders: Here are a few creatures for whom “I’d like to have you over for dinner” is a terrifying invite.

Video: Why Do Prairie Dogs Do “The Wave”?

The burrowing rodents mimic each others’ jumps and yips to ensure everyone in the colony is alert and working together, a new study says.

Construction Ahead: Prairie Dogs Build Diversity Across the Plains

An Interview with Dr. David J. Augustine, USDA –  Black-tailed prairie dogs are helpful homebuilders, gardeners and gourmet meals according to recently published research in Conservation Biology. In “Associations of Grassland Bird Communities with Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in the North American Great Plains,” authors David J. Augustine and Bruce W. Baker reveal that the areas…

Rebound, Decline and Reintroduction on the Plains: Grasslands News from January 2013

  IN THIS POST: Wood Bison in Alaska, Text Messages Versus Poachers, South American Tapirs, Linking Prairie Dogs and Grassland Birds, India’s Blackbuck, Biodiversity and Exotic Animals in Europe, Grasslands National Park —  In an effort to increase awareness of grasslands issues and encourage you to fall in love with our world’s prairies, American Prairie Reserve compiles…

Predator Dinner Party? Badgers and Coyotes Work Together on the Prairie

Over the last century, biologists have worked hard to document a rather odd pair of hunting buddies: the coyote and the badger. While the nature of their relationship has been debated – is it truly symbotic or merely more efficient? – it is a fascinating natural phenomenon to observe. Of course, the interaction between the…