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Mysterious New Poison Dart Frog Found; Is Size of Fingernail

A new species of bright-orange, fingernail-size frog found in a Panama rain forest is unlike any of its relatives, scientists say.

Politics of Climate Change: A Jungle Conversation

“Why can’t we just look at this subject on its own merits and weigh the evidence and what to do?” When it comes to global warming, Yadvinder Malhi, a leading tropical biologist from Oxford University, said he’s confounded by how the United States has transformed what is essentially a complex scientific issue into a battle…

We’re Living in the Tropics

When it comes to climate change, we live on a tropical planet, we just don’t realize it Finally, it seems, the world’s warmer climates – so often overlooked when it comes to the impact of climate change – shared the spotlight in a high-profile analysis of the earth’s steadily rising temperatures. The tropics, not the…

Q&A: New Spider Weaves Spider-Shaped Web

Talk about a web of deceit—biologist Phil Torres has found a spider that weaves a bigger decoy “spider” to scare predators.

Things You Should Know About the New Climate Bill

A new climate bill blew full force into the U.S. Senate last week. Bill sponsor Sen. John Kerry told the Washington Post that it’s important to get the bill passed or at “least be moving seriously toward it” by December, when global leaders hope to hash out a new climate treaty in Copenhagen. The U.S.…