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Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Alligators and Regenerators

How long can alligators live out of the water? Are there more animals out there that can re-grow body parts? Read this week’s Ask Your Weird Animal Questions.

Spider-Man Ready: 5 Animals That Regrow Parts

Regrowing body parts isn’t only the stuff of movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2—many animals regenerate to keep themselves alive.

New to Nat Geo: Ask Your Weird Animal Questions

In our inaugural column of Ask Your Weird Animal Questions, we tell you how a new species of tapir hid in plain sight and investigate a sighting of a two-horned lizard.

Decapitated Worms Regrow Heads, Keep Old Memories

Worms that lose their heads and regrow them remember things from before decapitation—suggesting some memories are held in body tissue, a new study says.