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Tribes Living in Historic ‘Cultural Crossroads’ of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley Endangered by Dam and Land Grabs.

It rises in Ethiopia’s Shewa Highlands, and flows for 760 kms through terraced hillsides, volcanic outcrops and fertile grasslands as far as the world’s greatest desert lake, Lake Turkana, in Kenya. The lower valley of the Omo River is believed by some historians to have been a cultural crossroads for thousands of years, where a…

The Last Untamed Mexican River

An incredible journey to preserve the last untamed Mexican River: the San Pedro Mezquital.

No Backing Down: Scientist’s Ganges River Fast Reaches Day 43

Negotiations in New Delhi to end the 43-day hunger strike of a noted environmental scientist have stalled on the basic issue of trust: According to G.D. Agrawal’s supporters, the government of India has agreed to suspend work on four hydroelectric projects on the upper reaches of the Ganges River, but refuses to commit its pledge to writing.

Restoring floods to “America’s Nile”

The 1,450-mile Colorado River is in bad shape. But there is a potential solution, at least in the Grand Canyon: regular floods. This post is part of a special National Geographic news series on global water issues.  By Jonathan Waterman The Colorado River, “America’s Nile,” is over allocated, plagued by drought, and increasingly sought after…