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BioBlitz Finds 489 Species in Rocky Mountain National Park

A 24-hour BioBlitz by some 150 scientists and 2,000 students this weekend identified 489 species alive and well in Rocky Mountain National Park. Or did a last-minute flyover by a bald eagle make the final count 490? Presenting the tally confirmed by scientists this afternoon, BioBlitz coordinators said there were 89 species of birds, 12…

Ferns of Rocky Mountain National Park

Botanist Scott Smith specializes in ferns, orchids and cactus, but today at the Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz he was looking for ferns. At something like 9,500 feet above sea level, in the park’s subalpine zone, he showed visitors how to find two species of an ancient plant invisible to all but expert eyes. Story, photos and video.

BioBlitz Confirms Four Bat Species in Rocky Mountain National Park

Cay Ogden, retired National Park Service wildlife biologist, discusses the bats that live in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, and why we should do all we can to help bats co-exist with us in urban areas. Ogden’s role in the BioBlitz was to organize two teams of scientists to confirm the seven species of bats…

Slash Pile, Burn Pile

When you drive through Rocky Mountain National Park these days, one of the stranger things you notice—once you’ve stopped being startled by the scenery or the elk—is the enormous piles of wood along the road. They’re shaped like teepees, they’re called slash piles, and they’re future bonfires: Last winter the rangers lit 5,700 of them…

From Tucson to the Tundra

Last year the members of the Eco Club at Sabino High School in Tucson, Arizona, were enthusiastic BioBlitzers at Saguaro National Park, their home field, where they counted things like frogs that live in small granite pools in the desert. They liked that so well they returned later to count giant saguaro cactuses in a…

BioBlitz 2012 Bobcast 2: Snakes on a Plain (but not in the mountains…)

In this second video from the 2012 Bioblitz in Rocky Mountain National Park, herpetologist Neil Losin tells Bob Hirshon why there are so few reptiles in the park.

Goodbye to “Primitive America”: An Interview With Jon Jarvis

National Park Service director Jon Jarvis came to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend to join in the BioBlitz. But he also came to release a report, prepared at his request by a committee of scientists, that outlines a new strategy for the Park Service as it approaches its centennial in 2016. Called Revisiting Leopold, the report is modeled on a 1963 report drafted by ecologist A. Starker Leopold. The Leopold Report became a lodestar for a generation of ecologically minded rangers, including Jarvis—but Jarvis says it no longer fits the world we live in.

Getting Youth Into the Outdoors

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Juan Martinez is at the Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz to help excite children and the public about the natural world. Martinez is a national spokesman for the importance of getting youth into the outdoors, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. In this video he talks to National Geographic’s Barbara Moffet about…

Bioblitz 2012 BobCast 1

The National Geographic/ National Park Service Bioblitz is an annual 24-hour species survey conducted at a different national park each year. For 2012, the Bioblitz is in Rocky Mountrain National Park. In this first in a series of video blogs from the event, host Bob Hirshon, Program Director in the Education Directorate of the American…

Rocky Mountain Butterflies

Rich Bray has volunteered 17,500 hours to the Rocky Mountain Butterfly Project. His work has won him an award from the National Park Service. Rich was at the Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz today with some of the 141 butterflies the project has collected. Here he talks about the butterflies and his passion for studying…

Mushrooms a Magic Ingredient in Rocky Mountain BioBlitz

Bill Windsor of the Colorado Mycological Society was out gathering fungi for today’s Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz. Find out what mushrooms you can eat and — what you might want to avoid. David Braun is director of outreach with the digital and social media team illuminating the National Geographic Society’s explorer, science, and education programs.…

BioBlitz Finds Hundreds of Species New to National Park

The 24-hour BioBlitz in Arizona’s Saguaro National Park last weekend added more than 400 species to park lists, including 190 species of invertebrates and 205 species of fungi previously unknown to the park, the National Geographic Society said in a news announcement today.