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Tapped Out: How Will Cities Secure Their Water Future?

Today, global demands for food, energy, and shelter are putting unprecedented pressure on the resources of the planet. Water is at the heart of this crisis. In fact, more than half of the world’s cities are already experiencing water shortages on a recurring basis – based on findings from a study that I published, along…

San Antonio’s Popular River Walk Relies on Recycled Water

  I love a good sewage treatment plant. The wastewater treatment plant of San Antonio, Texas, USA, resembles its sister plants around the world: a wide expanse of deep, in-ground concrete tanks filled with brown liquid. There’s a faint organic odor, not unpleasant, and noise from big pumps and motors that are moving city-size quantities…

Conservation in San Antonio is Saving More than Water

Who would believe that a translucent blind salamander that dwells only in dark underground caves could force a big Texas city to not only slash its water use but make water waste illegal?

But the four-inch amphibian did pretty much just that – and that’s the crux of an unusual water story in San Antonio, where impressive conservation efforts are now being tested by one of the worst droughts in memory.