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On the Trail of a Puma

After seeing pumas, their tracks, and their kills all week, we started catching them. Now five of San Guillermo’s pumas are wearing satellite collars that will show us what they’re killing, where, and how – giving us a new window into the workings of high Andean ecosystems.

Pumas in the Rocks, Pumas in the Grass

At San Guillermo, pumas stalk through the grasses and canyons, looking to kill. But vicuñas need to go to those very places for food and water. It’s like Russian roulette – but they do it every single day.

Life as the World’s Smallest Camel

Three years after becoming entranced by the world of the world’s smallest camel, Arthur Middleton returns to San Guillermo, Argentina with photographer Joe Riis to learn more about these unusual animals and to share their adventures here.