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Classrooms Under the Sea: Descending into the Deep Reefs of Curaçao

One thousand feet below the surface of the ocean, below the reach of the sun’s warmth and light, deep water corals thrive. Standing tall in front of the black backdrop of their environment, colorful corals and deep sea organisms are part of my inspiration to bring deep sea exploration live to classrooms.

Brains and Beakers: Raps on Science

By Chantell Williams A couple years ago I wrote a song about geography to the tune of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. I still remember every single word of that song… too embarrassing to actually write here, but it helped me pass my test. Music can help with learning and memory and can be used as…

How Coloring Books & Playing Cards Can Help Save Rare Speicies

As part of a nine-person biodiversity and education expedition to the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, Young Explorer Rayna Bell is searching for elusive treefrogs at night and spreading knowledge about local biodiversity during the day.

In a High School Lab, Glimpses of an Ancient Climate

A big part of studying global warming is comparing today’s climate to that of the past. You probably know about the method of getting historic CO2 measurements from bubbles of air trapped in the ice of very old glaciers. But those ice core samples go back only 650,000 years. What we’re trying to do is extend that timeline much further back into the past — as in, 15 million years ago.