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Diving for Microplastics Pollution

Pristine Seas divers contribute to the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation Microplastics Project, and uncover surprising results from the far reaches of the ocean.

Searching for the Fish That Built the Beach

Bumphead parrotfish are few and far between now, but their coral-chomping ancestors helped build the very beaches we sit on today.

Starting the Search for Underwater Giants in the Solomon Sea

Landing at Gizo Harbour, it was clear to see that we’d picked an ideal venue for our research. The visibility in the aquamarine waters was greater than anywhere we’d ever been scuba diving—it took all of our willpower to keep ourselves from diving right in.

December 15, 2013: Paddling Through The World’s Biggest Rapids, Swimming in the World’s Coldest Oceans and More

This week, on National Geographic Weekend, host Boyd Matson joins guests as they paddle the world’s biggest rapids, dive in the world’s coldest oceans (at both poles), and walk “Out of Eden,” chasing our early human ancestors to the ends of the Earth.

New Caledonia Expedition: Turtle Lovin’

By Manu San Félix Today we had a difficult day of diving, navigating far away from our ship with dive boats in rough seas. In spite of the bad conditions we were able to complete three dives in beautiful reefs and coral gardens with groupers, sharks and more. Afterwards, we went back to our boat,…

Celebrating the Launch of the Barbuda Blue Halo Initiative

How do you publicly launch an island-wide ocean zoning initiative aimed at sustainable use of ocean resources? A party with a steel band, of course. Or better yet, two parties. The Barbuda Blue Halo Initiative diplomatic launch celebration (photo album, press coverage) took place aboard the Waitt vessel, anchored a few hundred meters off Barbuda’s coast.…

Time for Honduras to End Scuba Diving for Lobster

Statistically, fishing is one of the world’s most dangerous professions and it is hard to imagine what could be worse than scuba diving for lobster along the remote and impoverished Miskito Coast of Honduras and Nicaragua (see Building a Sustainable Lobster Fishery Off Honduras). The dangers of this profession have been graphically documented by NBC News and…

The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Hope of SCUBA Diving on Barbuda

I hear the SCUBA instructor say: “Buddy check! Weights? Mask? Snorkel on the left. Don’t touch the coral; it is a living thing and you will kill it. Don’t touch anything underwater! Hover.” We recently ran a SCUBA certification course on Barbuda as part of the Blue Halo Initiative there. Building local capacity for monitoring the…