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Creative Energy Flows to Seafood Sector in South Pacific

“If you had the opportunity to generate income for a whole island, what would you do?” That’s how Lili Kawaguchi opened her pitch during the closing session of Fish 2.0’s Pacific Islands business development workshop. The question grabbed the audience’s attention, as did the rest of the Tongan entrepreneur’s pitch for her seaweed products startup.…

Farming Sea Cucumbers in Madagascar…for Economic Hope and Conservation

By  Taylor Mayol, Blue Ventures Look at a map and find Madagascar, the fourth biggest island on Earth, just off the coast of east Africa. Focus on the dry southwest and find the town of Toliara, capital of this impoverished region. Now imagine a drive northwards through the searing heat along a bumpy, sandy trail. You’re…

Giant Sea Cucumber Eats With Its Anus

Talk about a bottom feeder—the giant California sea cucumber uses its butt as a second mouth, a new study says.