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June 8, 2014: Diving From 90 Feet Above Havana Bay, Free the Dancing Bears and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they run for peace through the Middle East, honor hero war dogs, play matchmaker for dolphins, safely cycle through crowded city streets, pick the perfect outdoor gear, dive from 90 foot cliffs competitively, recover a 500 year old sunken ship, farm the planet’s oceans, and save a species and a community at the same time.

China’s Wolong Nature Reserve has Giant Pandas, but India’s Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary has Gharials & Gangetic Dolphins

As humans continue to encroach on waterways and wild lands and develop them to the extent they can, some species may vanish with or without our attempts to conserve them. With that said, we continue to fail at keeping illegal poachers at bay;  we continue to reproduce exponentially; we fail to reduce our carbon footprint;…

Rescued Bear Tales of Two of Hollywood’s Most Acclaimed Sibling Actors — Eric & Julia Roberts

National Geographic science contributor Dr. Jordan Schaul shares some famous bear tales regarding the international travel of two of Hollywood’s most acclaimed sibling actors. Occasionally, I interview people in the entertainment industry (link).  Among them are famed Hollywood stars making quite a positive impact on animal welfare and wildlife conservation. This includes addressing concerns that…

“Balu Ay Gaya!” (“Bear Has Come!”)

(By NGS Contributor Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul) I’m sharing this piece that I edited or really paraphrased for Wildlife SOS regarding this eventful news. I didn’t want to change this in a stylistic sense because Vinay (Wildlife SOS India) and Nikki (Wildlife SOS USA), who shared the original story with me this morning from India…