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Do Vape Pens Trick Teens?

By Jenny Bolario Vape pens, or e-cigarettes, are often billed as a safer way for smokers to get their fix. The user breathes in water vapor infused with nicotine and exhales what looks like smoke. But with flavors like banana cream pie and alien blood, these pens are attracting a new generation of “smokers.” According…

Smokers Have More Friends…and They’ll Need Them

Despite years of anti-smoking campaigns featuring everything from catchy slogans to graphic photos of diseased lungs, public health officials have been unable to dispel the notion that lighting up is something the cool kids do.

Cigarettes vs. e-Cigarettes: Which Is Less Environmentally Harmful?

  For years environmentalists have been pressuring cigarette makers to cut back on synthetic chemicals in their products, to reduce their harm to both smokers and non-smokers. Regulators have been worried about second hand smoke for years, and have been passing indoor smoking bans state by state. Today you can go to work, shop, or…