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Pictures: The Sun’s Recent Flares

The sun appears to be throwing a bit of a tantrum. With three powerful solar flares and a giant cloud of super-hot plasma hurled toward Earth in the past week, it looks as if our home star is awakening from slumber as it approaches the natural peak of its 11-year cycle, the solar maximum. (Related: “Solar…

Sun About To Magnetically Flip

As the sun reaches a crescendo in its 11 year activity cycle this year, it’s also getting ready to go topsy-turvy.  The sun’s global magnetic field is about to reverse—flipping its orientation so that north becomes south and south becomes north. Astronomers estimate that we may be only three or four months away from this mysterious…

Missing Martian Atmosphere: Clues In Earth’s Cold Plasma?

“Invisible” veils of cold plasma discovered around Earth might tell us something about how Mars lost its atmosphere, experts say.