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Woodland Creatures Run Amok at Children’s Fairyland

Children’s Fairlyland is a historic amusement park inside the nation’s first wildlife refuge at Lake Merritt, surrounded by bustling downtown Oakland, CA. This unique, urban utopia has attracted guests with its story-book charm since 1950 – including Walt Disney, who modeled his own park after visiting Fairyland. But recently, the park has been overrun with aggressive, boundary-less guests: the fox squirrel.

5 Surprising Facts About Squirrels (Hint: They Make Jerky)

As squirrels in the Northern Hemisphere hoard food for winter, we take a look at the industrious and diverse rodents, which can range from a half an ounce to 20 pounds.

Botfly Invasion: Why Parasites Pop Out of Animals’ Skin

Learn more about the botfly, an invasive parasite that infects squirrels and other animals every fall.

Hunting Records Track UK Game Populations Over Centuries

Gamebag records have been recognized as useful population indicators by British biologists for over a century. Analyzing bag records and taking five- and ten-year averages provide comparisons of performance between moors, the ability to assess the implementation of management practices, such as heather burning (muirburn), and a window on the cyclical pattern of grouse diseases like strongyle worm.

A life in the trees is a longer one

By Ed Yong (via @Not Exactly Rocket Science @ScienceBlogs) In The Descent of Man, Darwin talked about the benefits of life among the treetops, citing the “power of quickly climbing trees, so as to escape from enemies”. Around 140 years later, these benefits have been confirmed by Milena Shattuck and Scott Williams from the University…

Squirrel Photo Interview on National Geographic Weekend

It’s what you’ve been waiting for…Boyd Matson of the radio show National Geographic Weekend gets a one-on-one interview with Melissa Brandts, who took the famous squirrel photo that’s been catching like wildfire on the Internet.   Catch the full interview this weekend on National Geographic Weekend, on the Salem Radio Network, XM/Satellite Radio, or as…

Squirrel Crashes Pictures Pop Up Everywhere

The squirrel that crashed the family picture in Banff National Park, Canada, appears to have made a habit of this, showing up in a number of famous photographs of history.   Photo of squirrel crashing Banff picture by Melissa Brandts It all started when Melissa Brandts and her husband were hiking in Banff and decided to…

Squirrel Sneaks into Family Photo

The photo of this squirrel crashing its way into the photograph of the couple posing in the background is becoming viral across the Web. Photo by Melissa Brandts Melissa Brandts and her husband were hiking in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, and decided to take a portrait of themselves with spectacular Lake Minnewanka in…