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August 18, 2013: Saving Children in Ethiopia, Reigning In Our Sweet Tooth, and More

This week, we stop an ancient Ethiopian curse, then we explore Iran using century-old images, and finally, we power homes using gas from human waste.

From Great Gatsby’s West Egg to Springfield, the 10 Best Fictional Towns

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic 1925 American novel The Great Gatsby has been made into several films and TV programs over the years. Robert Redford played the title character in 1974. In the recent HBO hit Entourage, Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) starred in a critically lauded version helmed by Martin Scorsese. Australian auteur Baz…

Revenge of the Fifth: Explorer Maimed by Wookiee For Winning “Chess” Game

Only one day after discovering the mystic and elusive species known as the “Wookiee”, famed explorer Alphaeus Blackburn is reported to be in critical condition after a game of “galactic chess” quickly turned violent.

May the Fourth Be With You: Explorer Captures Wookiee and Self in Photo

Thousands of years after their civilization is thought to have collapsed, a National Geographic Explorer confirms the continued existence of Wookiees, far, far away.