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Introducing Sentry, Our Autonomous Secret Weapon on the Seafloor

Say hello to a powerful new mapping and imaging platform dressed in sleek yellow fiberglass sharing deck space with Alvin, the newly refurbished human-occupied sub with a long history of transformative discovery.

Exploring New England’s Recently Discovered Methane Seeps

This is an ambitious expedition, even by the carpe-diem, plan-each-dive-as-if-it’s-your-last standards of seagoing science.

Project Baseline: Conserving the Underwater World through Citizen Science and Reporting

By Vanessa Belz Almost every day, at just about any given moment, scuba divers and water enthusiasts in 28 countries spanning multiple time zones are volunteering their time on and underwater, working in their local communities towards a unified, singular goal: to create a lasting visual legacy of underwater conditions in oceans, lakes, rivers, springs,…

To An Underwater Lake

Aboard the submersible Alvin, Jer Thorp explores the shores of a mysterious lake on the ocean’s floor.

Visualizing Alvin

Learn more about the history of the submersible Alvin and about his current expedition with artist and scientist Jer Thorp.

2,100 Feet and Holding: Inside the Mind of a Submarine Pilot

There’s nothing between me and complete corporeal implosion but a 3 inch thick dome of plexiglass. What goes through the mind of a submarine pilot two thousand feet below the surface of the ocean? And better yet, what goes past the window?

Going Live in 3…2…1: A Google Hangout Inside a Manned Submersible

Sunlight reflects off pale blue walls and brightens the interior of the small space in which I am perched. A brightly colored umbrella rests above me to block the intense Caribbean sun from melting my little laptop. Under the open hatch, I begin an Internet broadcast from inside a submersible.

Classrooms Under the Sea: Descending into the Deep Reefs of Curaçao

One thousand feet below the surface of the ocean, below the reach of the sun’s warmth and light, deep water corals thrive. Standing tall in front of the black backdrop of their environment, colorful corals and deep sea organisms are part of my inspiration to bring deep sea exploration live to classrooms.

Classrooms Under the Sea: Manned Submersibles as Ocean Teaching Tools

A manned submersible expedition is underway using ‘Google+ Hangouts’ to bring exploration into the classroom.

Deepest Dive: Geographic Honors Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

By Ford Cochran Fifty years ago–January 23, 1960–Don Walsh, then a U.S. Navy lieutenant, and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard climbed inside a sphere at the bottom of the “bathyscaphe” (deep-diving research submarine) Trieste and descended some 35,800 feet to the deepest place in any ocean on our planet, Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench off…