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Inspiring Ocean Protection Through Photography

At the height of summer many of us are dreaming of cool ocean breezes, swimming in lakes, and playing in rivers.  Our ocean and inland waters provide endless opportunities for recreation, and also endless opportunities to appreciate the beauty – and vulnerability – of the resource that sustains our planet. We know that photography has…

NKAF Summer Space Camp Connects VT Teens to the Universe Once Again

This year’s Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation (NKAF) Space Camp at Northern Skies Observatory (NSO) placed an emphasis on student astronomy projects of the camper’s choice either individually or in teams. At the conclusion of the camp, campers presented a report to parents and relatives about what they studied and learned during the week. In addition…

Fireflies Are “Cannibals”—And More Surprising Facts About the Summertime Insect

Found throughout the world on summer evenings, these showy beetles are known to eat each other, create “poison,” and scare off predators with blood.

NKAF Summer Space Camp in Vermont: Adventures in Science for Teenagers

In early August 2013, Northern Skies Observatory (NSO) was abuzz with activity during the Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation’s (NKAF) successful summer Space Camp. Attendance was limited to 10 high school and middle school students, and these slots filled quickly. Students ranged in age from 12 to 17, and, while most were from Vermont, they hosted…

Hike Like A Pro: Avoid Hiking Woes With Tips From Andrew Skurka

The sweltering summer is loosening its grip and pretty soon we’ll be welcoming fall’s foliage. It’s an ideal time to take a hike, but whether you’re a hiking aficionado that ventures out for long distances, or a novice that wants to take a day trip, it’s important to prepare. National Geographic Weekend spoke with hiking…

A Place of Peace: Summer Camp for Syrian Refugee Children

Last week Emerging Explorer Aziz Abu Sarah opened a summer camp for hundreds of Syrian children refugees on the Syrian-Turkish border. For these kids, even a safe place to play is going a long way.

Sperm Works Best in the Winter, Study Finds

Spring may be when a young man’s fancy turns to love, but new evidence suggests that it’s winter when his sperm is at its spunkiest.

Hot Enough For You? Here’s Why

For Americans sweating it out around the country, the news won’t come as much of a surprise: the first five months of 2012 have been the hottest on record in the continental United States. This past June 164 all-time heat records were broken or tied, and July is off to a sweltering start. What’s causing the latest heat wave?

“Martian Summer” Is Like Space Camp–With Custom Watches and Drugs.

by Rachel Kaufman “The story begins two months before the launch of the Phoenix Mars Lander. One year before the landing. It takes ten months to fly at 74,000 mph to arrive on Mars. It’s far. The subject of the story is a Martian photographer. “Don’t call me that,” Peter Smith, the world’s greatest Martian…

Springtime for Phoenix, Summer on Triton

Update: Even as I was typing this, the HiRISE team was posting a brand-new picture of a Martian avalanche! Check it out below … Spring is in bloom on Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, melting snows, coaxing out budding leaves on trees, and otherwise making its mark on the landscape. On northern Mars, spring has been revving…

“Living Building” Opens Today in St. Louis

Here’s a breath of fresh air—one of North America’s first “living buildings” opened today in at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The new Living Learning Center, set in the woods at an environmental-research facility on campus, is also in the running to become the first building to meet the Living Building Challenge. The initiative,…