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“Migrating Mural” Becomes a Reality

In April of 2011, readers of this blog voted Jane Kim’s Migrating Mural the Viewers’ Choice “Best Ocean Saving Idea” out of 60 proposed by young artists, business leaders, non-profit founders and other attendees of the Summit at Sea. Now this plan to paint large scale images of animals on the move is becoming a…

From Inspiration to Real-World Action for the Ocean

One year ago, NG Explorers Kenny Broad and Enric Sala joined business leaders, artists, non-profit founders, and others and looked for ways to do more to help protect and rehabilitate the ocean. Now the fruits of some of these efforts are being seen in exciting ways.

Turning Fear Into Inspiration for the Ocean

Earlier this month at Summit at Sea, young artists, entrepreneurs, and activists gathered to share ideas and inspire each other. One of the major themes was that of ocean conservation, and a recurring question was “how do we get people to care?” Thankfully, cave diver Kenny Broad had the answer. As a man who explores…

New Ocean Ideas: Viewers’ Choice Winner Announced

When asked how she could help tackle the biggest issues facing the ocean, wildlife artist Jane Kim thought big: paintings-stretching-for-miles big. National Geographic then voted her the Viewers’ Choice Winner among 15 ideas. See Jane’s art and discover her inspiration and hopes for her Migrating Murals project.

Summit at Sea: Bringing the Ocean Home

Two things about ocean conservation were as crystal clear as the Bahamian waters last week at Summit at Sea, where nearly one thousand young business leaders, artists, non-profit founders, and others gathered to inspire, team up with, and get to know each other: 1. We are all connected to the ocean. 2. If we’re going…

Big Ideas for the Ocean II

National Geographic Ocean Fellow Enric Sala and Emerging Explorer Kenny Broad are about to set sail with Summit at Sea, a three-day immersion in big ideas and high-energy activities designed to educate and inspire the next generation of arts and business leaders. As the event approaches, artists, engineers, business people, and activists are getting ready by posting their…

Out of the Blue, Big Ideas for the Ocean

What is the most serious issue facing the oceans today, and how can you, your company, or your industry help address it? Learn more how you can do your bit to help bring our seas back to health.