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Monster Sunspot Threatens Earth With Solar Storms

Mr. Sun is angry, and Earth better look out.

Astronomers Clue in to Why Binary Stars Are So Bountiful

Everyone needs some alone time—even stars. Astronomers now think they have an explanation as to why so many stars are single or double stars. While most stars are born in clustered stellar nurseries, the great majority we see across the cosmos spend their lives as loners or double stars.  A new study published this week in…

Solar Storm Heading for Earth May Spark Auroras This Weekend

A solar outburst promises weekend northern lights.

5 Sky Events This Week: Goddess of Love and Distant Giants

The goddess of love this week brightens the dawn hours for skywatchers.

Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth

Northern lights and solar storms might strike tomorrow night.

Track Down the Sun’s Newfound Sister

Alone no more, a long-lost sibling to the sun appears to have been found 110 light-years from us. Astronomers think it will allow them to trace our stellar ancestry. Dubbed HD 162826, the familiar-looking yellow star is thought to have been born in the same ancient gas cloud  as the sun. The same gas cloud…

Sun Unleashes Monster Blast—Biggest in a Year

A powerful solar blast uncorked late Monday was the biggest one in a year, report space-weather officials.

Aurora Sky Show Hit and Miss

Hopes were high on Thursday night for skies painted with northern lights. But it was more of a hit or miss sky event, depending on where folks looked. Sky-watchers in the continental U.S., where these sky shows are seldom seen, were hoping to get a glimpse of the aurora borealis this week after the sun…

Watch: Sun Unleashes First Big Flare of 2014, May Create Colorful Aurora Light Show

The new year has started off with a bang, with a powerful solar flare being hurled off the surface of the sun on Tuesday. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and STEREO spacecrafts managed to capture the eruption of a massive X-class flare—the largest type on the Richter scale of solar explosions—as it occurred above a group of sunspots directly…

Dung Beetles Use the Sun to Navigate

Call it a new twist on catching some rays: One species of dung beetle uses sunlight to steer its balls of poop, a new study says.

Ghost of Comet ISON Fading Fast

After initially appearing to revive after whipping around the sun on Thursday, Comet ISON has kept on providing space buffs with a real roller coaster ride. (Related: Comet ISON Barnstorms Sun) But while hopes were raised that the comet might have been only been battered and bruised by its encounter with the sun, it now looks…

Comet ISON Barnstorms Sun

The day of reckoning has finally arrived for Comet ISON, as it slingshots around the sun and we find out whether it survives roasting. Comet ISON today reaches its closest point of approach to the sun, its “perihelion,” at around 1:44 pm EST (18:44 GMT) today. The frozen snowball from the solar system’s outer reaches…

Pictures: The Sun’s Recent Flares

The sun appears to be throwing a bit of a tantrum. With three powerful solar flares and a giant cloud of super-hot plasma hurled toward Earth in the past week, it looks as if our home star is awakening from slumber as it approaches the natural peak of its 11-year cycle, the solar maximum. (Related: “Solar…

Watch: Sun-Diving Comet and Solar Explosion

A tiny comet’s spectacular death dive into the sun has been captured by cameras aboard NASA’s SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)  sun-monitoring satellite this week. In the early hours of Tuesday, August 20, a comet estimated to be only a few tens of meters across made the kamikaze dive and did not seem to survive…

Sun About To Magnetically Flip

As the sun reaches a crescendo in its 11 year activity cycle this year, it’s also getting ready to go topsy-turvy.  The sun’s global magnetic field is about to reverse—flipping its orientation so that north becomes south and south becomes north. Astronomers estimate that we may be only three or four months away from this mysterious…