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Google Science Fair Winners Inspire!

From innovation in magnets to a new anti-flu medicine, this year’s exhibitors show how students are rising to the challenge of finding ways to change the world.

August 18, 2013: Saving Children in Ethiopia, Reigning In Our Sweet Tooth, and More

This week, we stop an ancient Ethiopian curse, then we explore Iran using century-old images, and finally, we power homes using gas from human waste.

Google Science Fair 2013 Launches Today

T.H. Culhane takes us inside the world’s biggest online science fair, and shares what it means to him to serve as a judge for it.

Winners of the 2012 Google Science Fair

The winners of the annual Google Science Fair have been announced, and National Geographic was there to help judge and provide awards for these brilliant young innovators.

Watch NG Explorer Albert Lin Announce Google Science Fair Finalists

This Wednesday, after months of innovative research and intense anticipation, the 15 global finalist projects for the 2012 Google Science Fair will be announced, and NG Emerging Explorer Albert Lin will be doing the honors. You can watch it happen live during a Google+ Hangout at 9:00am EDT (2:00pm UT). Just follow the Google Science…

A New Lake, Renewable Energy, and Cultural Preservation at the Top of the World

Three National Geographic explorers team up for a unique expedition to a region at the crossroads of human survival and changing climate.

Google Science Fair Opens Today!

The annual Google Science Fair opens today, calling anyone and everyone 13 to 18 years old to push the edges of our knowledge and help pave the way to the future, and National Geographic Explorers Albert Lin, Sylvia Earle, and T.H. Culhane are among the judges.

Google Science Fair Winners Announced

Last night at Google headquarters, some of the world’s smartest people gathered and most of them aren’t even old enough to drive.

How Aluminum Cans Can Power a Village

On the first day of the 2011 National Geographic Explorers Symposium, T.H. Culhane showed off the set-up he designed to power a light bulb with a can of soda, inspired by a kid’s video he saw last week on YouTube.

Google Science Fair Finalists Named

Over the past two weeks, the judges of the 2011 Google Science Fair have been whittling down the list of 60 semifinalists to just 15 who will advance to compete for the ultimate prizes. All of the students’ entries “asked interesting questions, many focused on real-world problems and some produced groundbreaking science that challenged current…

Grant Helps Explorers Turn Garbage Into Fuel

Though public attention has focused on oil reserves beneath Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal aren’t the northern state’s only energy resources. Now, two National Geographic Emerging Explorers will receive a grant to see if microscopic life forms from the Alaskan tundra could help turn garbage into fuel in…