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Monkeys Whisper, Study Says—But Why?

Cotton-top tamarins can choose to keep their voices down when a predator or otherwise unwelcome visitor is nearby, a new study says.

Punk-rocker primate at risk of extinction in the wild

A tiny Colombian primate with a distinctive punk-rock hairstyle is in imminent danger of extinction, according to conservation biologists at Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom department of education and science. “The findings paint the clearest picture yet of a dwindling population at risk,” Walt Disney World said in a news statement about the research. Disney’s Wildlife Conservation Fund has worked to…

Pied Tamarin Twins Born at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo

Zoo arrival … Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is celebrating the birth of twin pied tamarins, an endangered primate which is thought to be one of the most endangered monkeys in the Amazon forests. “The infants were born on June 10, and their heads are still covered in grey fuzzy hair which will eventually disappear as…