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Your Best Names for the Mystery Picket-Fence Spider

Carousel spider, American dream spider, Druid spider—see the creative names suggested for the new Amazonian arachnid that makes “picket fences.”

Mystery Picket Fence in Amazon Explained

The animal that built strange web-like structures in the Amazon has finally been identified, scientists say.

Your Best Names for the Odd Picket Fence Maker

From the Tom Sawyer spider to the flytrap fungus—see some of National Geographic readers’ name suggestions for what built a mysterious “picket fence” in the Amazon.

What Created This Mysterious “Picket Fence” in the Amazon?

Strange web-like structures found in the Amazon have scientists baffled—what do you think it is?

Your Suggestions For Naming the Decoy-Building Spider

Dozens of readers have suggested a name for a newfound species of decoy-building spider. What would you call it?