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December 1, 2013: Running the Amazon from New Source to Sea, Fact Checking Thanksgiving and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio show, join host Boyd Matson, as he and his guests paddle the length of the Amazon River, see Jerusalem through the eyes of its citizens, debunk Thanksgiving’s creation myths, and taking selfies with tigers.

January 20, 2013: Getting Attacked By a Rhino (While Riding an Elephant), Searching Far Into Space, and More

This week, we survive being attacked by a rhino while riding an elephant, we help plan South Africa’s answer to the Appalachian Trail, and we learn about the burial place of one of history’s greatest rulers – Genghis Khan.

Issyk Kul: The 2012 Expedition Wraps Up

With just a few days to go we found some of the most significant building features we saw all season.

Issykl Kul: Time to Get Out of Camp

To get a better sense of the context of their archaeological site, the team explores scenic mountains and other ancient ruins around the 10th largest lake in the world.

Hangout With an Archaeologist in the Field

Join Fred Hiebert and team live from Kyrgyzstan where they’re searching for signs of a legendary sunken palace, in a Google+ Hangout Tuesday, September 25th at 9:00pm ET.

2012 Issyk Kul Expedition: Meet the Team

Searching for evidence of legendary palaces isn’t a project you undertake with just anyone. Get to know the archaeologists, technicians, and others making this year’s expedition possible.

2012 Issyk Kul Expedition: Search for a Sunken Palace

Six hundred years ago the fabled Western Mongol leader Tamerlane is said to have built a fabulous palace on the shores of a lake in Kyrgyzstan. Follow along as National Geographic Archaeologist Fred Hiebert and team examine what could be its last remains.