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Jokes and Jitters: Auditioning for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

“The answers, in no particular order, are A, B, C, and D,” the young ABC employee told the hundred or so of us sitting in folding chairs in a cavernous studio space near New York City’s Lincoln Center. Theater lights were clustered on tracks above us. Behind us, we could hear sets being moved and…

It’s About Time: How Americans While Away the Hours

Have you ever wondered how your days stack up to those of the average American? Here’s your chance to find out. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has just released the American Time Use Survey, which looks at the amount of time per day people spend working, taking care of their kids, and letting off steam.

Nat Geo WILD: Know Your Hosts – Mark Thompson

Veteran producer, actor and TV host Mark Thompson will be taking to the air live on Friday, November 25th to lead us through the ‘Shark Attack Experiment’.  Stationed in the middle of the action, Mark will be on board our TV-Studio at sea — a tricked out catamaran, 6km off the coast of Scottburgh, South…

Nat Geo WILD: ‘Shark Attack’ Production Update – Weather Anxiety

Three days and counting until the live event and weather is one of producers’ top concerns.  And it won’t take a raging storm to scuttle production – even heavy chop and rough seas are enough to seriously endanger our divers and our ship-board studio. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we could be facing some difficult…

Hurricane Video for National Geographic Television

The National Geographic Channel is looking for footage documenting your Hurricane Irene survival stories. Our television team is working diligently over the next several days to create a documentary covering this historic storm, and we want your experience to be a part of it.

Excuse Me, Is This Your Bear Urine? – Only at National Geographic

Last week a group email went out to the staff of National Geographic. This is what it said: “A package arrived at Geo…(talk about weird) 2 small bottles of Pee. Bear Urine. No… really. Can you please send a blast to see if some brave soul will claim the urine.”