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British Columbia Bans Oil and Gas Development in Sacred Headwaters

The response to a decade of work came yesterday, when the B.C. government announced a permanent ban on oil and gas exploration in the Sacred Headwaters.

Wolf Pack on Todagin Mountain

Over 2011 and 2012, Paul Colangelo camped on Todagin Mountain with its large herd of endangered Stone’s Sheep for five months to tell the story of the herd and document its habitat use, using specialized camera equipment to record the movements of the sheep across the plateau. Learn more in his earlier posts: Surviving Todagin.…

Mating Season on Todagin Mountain

Starting each day with a two-hour hike in the dark up a snow-covered mountain, Paul Colangelo is on a mission to record the frenzied activity of Stone’s sheep battling for the chance to mate.

Surviving Todagin: Introduction

By Paul Colangelo, International League of Conservation Photographers Among the mountainous folds of remote northwestern British Columbia lies Todagin Mountain, a grassy plateau 15 miles long and five miles wide that is thought to have the highest density of Stone’s sheep in the world. The herd lives year-round on the plateau and slopes of Todagin,…