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Hike Like A Pro: Avoid Hiking Woes With Tips From Andrew Skurka

The sweltering summer is loosening its grip and pretty soon we’ll be welcoming fall’s foliage. It’s an ideal time to take a hike, but whether you’re a hiking aficionado that ventures out for long distances, or a novice that wants to take a day trip, it’s important to prepare. National Geographic Weekend spoke with hiking…

“Hercules” Monkeys Lift Stones to Crack Nuts

This holiday season, learn about a nutcracker of another sort—the bearded capuchin of Brazil.

So You’ve Got the Guts to Go to Mars–But Do You Have the Brains?

Since posting last week about volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars, several of you have written in asking where to sign up. Planetary scientist Pascal Lee at Haughton Crater, Devon Island, wearing the upper torso of an advanced space-exploration concept suit (color-enhanced image). —Photograph courtesy NASA Haughton-Mars Project/Pascal Lee Hearing your comments and suggested…