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Uncontacted Indians of Acre State, Brazil

  ‘In the forest, we see with our ears,’ says José Carlos Meirelles, an expert on Brazil’s last uncontacted tribes.  During his recent expeditions into the remote rainforest of Acre state, contacted Indians told him that uncontacted Indians imitate different animals to express emotions: wild pig when they are scared, macucau bird to let people…

The moving story of an uncontacted Amazonian Indian on the run in the rainforest

  His name means “Hawk” in his language. Yet even with the acuity of vision the moniker suggests, Karapiru could not have foreseen thetragedy that befell his people, the Awá tribe of northeastern Brazil. He could never have imagined the day that he would flee for his life far into the rainforest, a shotgun pellet burning…

Uncontacted Group Kills Two Natives in Ecuador

Mounting pressure from oil exploration and illegal logging blamed for eruption of violence that leaves two natives dead at the hands of uncontacted indigenous group in the Yasuní National Park.

Top 10 “Nat Geo Talks” Videos for 2012

Live presentations have been a part of National Geographic since the 1800s, and today more than 140 are viewable online. See this year’s best.

More Sightings, Violence Around Uncontacted Tribes

Recent attacks by isolated tribesmen have left one man dead and another wounded in the wilds of southeastern Peru. But what’s causing the increase in conflict?

Peru Releases Dramatic Footage of Uncontacted Indians

The Peruvian government has released dramatic new footage showing a near-encounter with a group of uncontacted Indians along a riverbank in the Amazon rain forest. The video was taken by travelers on the Manu River in southeastern Peru in recent months, according to officials from Peru’s Ministry of the Environment, who released the images on…

Concern for Uncontacted Tribes as Armed Gang Invades Brazilian Forest

Five Brazilian Indian rights officials are holding out in a remote jungle outpost in a desperate attempt to protect uncontacted indigenous groups from heavily-armed drug traffickers who have moved into the area from Peru in the past two weeks, according to dispatches from the scene. Officials fear the traffickers may have unleashed a manhunt to track down and exterminate the highly vulnerable tribal populations in order to clear the forests for their coca-growing operations.

Uncontacted Tribe Discovered in Brazilian Amazon

Officials from Brazil’s Indian affairs agency, FUNAI, say they have confirmed the existence of a previously unknown indigenous group in the rugged folds of the western Amazon, believed to number as many as 200 people.

Fisticuffs Erupts in Peru Over Uncontacted Tribes

Officials deny plans to open rain forest reserves, promise new protections

Uncontacted Tribes: The Last Free People on Earth

The remaining hundred uncontacted tribes in the world capture the imagination of millions of “civilized” people. Yet they are the last cultures fully engaged with their natural environment. If they are stripped of their ancestral land, all of humankind will have lost the last people who truly understand our connections with the Earth.