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January 12, 2014: Climbing Buildings, Hunting Poachers and More

Join host National Geographic Weekend host Boyd Matson and his guests as they climb the world’s tallest buildings, ski with the sport’s inventors, give new life to Christmas trees, seek sea life at the bottom of the ocean, discover the unicorn, protect rhinos by hunting for poachers, kayak blind through the Grand Canyon, prioritize protection plans for endangered species, and track the world’s underground water reserves.

Rare Saola, Dubbed “Asian Unicorn,” Sighted for First Time in 21st Century

Camera traps have captured images of a saola, an antelope-like mammal often referred to as the “Asian unicorn,” in the forests of Vietnam. This incredibly rare species was last seen in the wild 14 years ago, and has only been known to science since 1992.

Unicorns, Roses, and Star “Bells”–Oh, My!

It sounds like the start of a fairy tale: There’s a unicorn in outer space that holds a rose and a star that rings like a bell. What I’m actually talking about is the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, a grouping of relatively faint stars huddled between Orion, Gemini, and Canis Major. In addition to the…