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Two Important Lessons From a Couple of WWII Veterans

Every soldier has a good story. However, I was unprepared for the memories these two WWII veterans would have me privy to. I came away from the interview having learned two very important lessons.

Ken Wahl Moved by Guardians of Rescue—Helping Veterans & Animals Alike

It may just be coincidental that the wisdom imparted by actor Ken Wahl, who once played the Wise Guy on the hit TV show by the same name is always direct, profound and timely, but for veterans of war and animal lovers alike, his precious wisdom and endorsement is much appreciated. Ken supports Guardians of…

Memorial Day: A Vietnam Veteran’s Story

A holiday weekend for lounging by the lakeside, department store sales, and catching up on neglected errands, we approach Memorial Day with the same glee reserved for all 3-day weekends. Yet as we kick off the start of summer with friends and BBQ, we ought take a quick moment to remember the day’s sobering purpose. Here’s why.

How World War I Veterans Shaped the Dream of Everest

After ten years of research and writing, NG Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis completed his epic account of the first British attempts to climb Mount Everest, filling the story with the untold accounts of the team members’ experiences in World War I, and viewing the ascent from the rarely seen perspective of the Sherpas and other native people of the region.