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Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe and Viking Longship Meet for First Time

Two different traditional voyaging canoes from opposite ends of the globe find parallels in their missions of exploration.

The Geyser in Geysir (Iceland)

It was a cold and blustery October day! Our tour bus had stopped at a desolate site where a group of visitors had lined up, cameras at the ready, all anxiously waiting. Then suddenly it happened! Perhaps by now you’ve guessed what these people were waiting for. Right after I took this photo, I rushed…

Climate Hopelessness is a Work of Fiction

Fiction writer Jonathan Franzen’s latest essay for The New Yorker on the hopelessness of climate change opens with a complaint about new football stadium being built for the Minnesota Vikings. The stadium will be built with glass walls that pose a lethal hazard to the thousands of birds flying through the area. But instead of…

Toilets, Headless Bodies, and Other Weird Things People Get Buried With

Human beings have long been buried with objects to help or comfort them in the next world.

Bringing North American Vikings Back to Life

From Vikings in Virginia(?) to the musical power of heavy metal, filmmaker Tony Stone helps flesh out the adventures of the Norse in America, six hundred years before the “first Thanksgiving.”

Icelandic Saga: Hot & Cold Running Water

Hello once more from Iceland. I’m newly arrived here with Nat Geo Student Expeditions, sharing highlights of our trek. Welcome! I met up with the students I’d be traveling with for the next ten days in Reykjavik late last week, fired up and ready to roll. After a (perhaps too authentic) meal at a “Viking…